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The subfolder is created with an AT- prefix. Display Options Category Animation Animation speed Set how slow or fast the animation runs, where 1 is the slowest and 10 is the fastest speed. This setting is intended to allow users to view animations at a visually appealing rate on all computers and to adjust for varying presentations. While AutoTURN animations can be displayed at varying speeds, this is only for the purpose of visualizing the maneuver. The speed of animation display is in no way related to the speed of an actual vehicle. Frame by frame Checking this box causes the animation to display in frame-by-frame stop motion. This feature can be used with screen capture software to capture each frame of an animation for transfer to video. When Frame by frame is checked, press any key once for every time you want to advance to the next frame until the animation is completed. To speed up running the animation in Frame by frame mode, press and hold down a key. The animation can be aborted at any time by pressing the Esc key. The animation loop can be aborted at any time by pressing the Esc key. Draw tires Check this box to have the tires drawn when running animations. Uncheck this box to improve the smoothness of animations for older computers. Draw envelopes Checking this box enables the display of the front and rear tire envelopes when the animation is run on an Active Path. This setting is ignored when running simulations on Active Simulations as tire envelopes are not displayed.

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AutoTURN Pro 3D 9 Online Store


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