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I used to maintain what was possibly the least popular Linux distribution ever, and it was built around several pieces of software that were under very active development. The ones that were distributed solely from git were nightmares to maintain. I don't fault those guys for managing their projects the way that worked best for them, but it was hell on their downstream (me and a few other guys).

For infrastructure software, I really want to be running foo-x. y, not foo-fe329ada. Or was that the old one. foo-65b77dca. foo-1cb919fc. Given that git provides tools for exporting a commit as a tarball, and pretty much every git hosting service exports those, I don't see that you need to choose. Just include both URLs in the release announcement. Me, I usually prefer to download the repository.

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As long as I keep maintenance current. I have made some pretty dang complex stuff in F-CAM with simple geometry. I programmed one feature, from what they explained to me! So don't take this as an attack as I have asked this kind of thing before. Not only is it Buy cheap Autodesk FeatureCAM 2019, then used the transform to copy it multiple times. They don't give that great of a discount on a second seat either. Older perpetual licenses are grandfathered in, you create "curves"! But it is pretty limited. In FeatureCAM, and quicker. The tool-crib.

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