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Dark mode UI redesign Jackie Dove Corel has redesigned some app icons with a fresh dark interface, as compared with previous versions. Painter has revamped its entire interface from top to bottom with more than redesigned icons and controls to accompany its dark theme. It is lovely; the new icons are large, clear, and easier to decipher compared with the previous version, where they had begun to look tired, old fashioned, and less friendly.

As you choose a tool, it is clearly highlighted, making it easy to track your tasks. Round icons offer options for shaping brushes; square icons offer access to media settings. Backgrounds for palettes, windows, and screens are now dark gray to better isolate colors. In total, three gray themes are available, including the original light gray that many users still like, and a middle gray. Jackie Dove Painter debuts a new look for windows and menus, with little round grabbers in the color wheel set on a neutral gray background.

Painter features an updated, larger slider bar, complete with a handy little grabber, which makes controls a lot easier to handle. Holding down the Command key while dragging invokes a precision mode that moves the slider slowly and in teensy increments. Jackie Dove Bigger, better sliders with grabby ends make adjustments easier. Color workflow Jackie Dove You can customize the size of the floating color selector and use the pin to position it anywhere you want on your canvas.

With Painter , Corel has overhauled its color workflow. New circular grabbers in the Color Wheel make it easier to see and set colors. Similar grabbers also appear in the floating Temporal Colors Selector, which you can conveniently pin on your canvas for easier hand-eye reference.

But what new features does Painter bring to the table? Want to try out Painter ? Check out the website here Optimise your computer to get the best performance out of Painter Image credit: Corel Hardware advantage First up is the Brush Accelerator. The performance menu can tell you what technology Painter is taking advantage of, and even offers you the ability to disable GPU acceleration at any time, even for specific brushes.

It stands to reason though that the score derived by these tests is dependent on how much load other running apps are putting on the system at the time. All these performance enhancements means that basic manipulation like zooming and rotating is very smooth. But making better use of available power is only part of the story.

The improved contextual property bar will make you more productive Image credit: Corel A better bar How you work is quite crucial and giving you the information you need quickly and effectively makes for a better experience. When you select a tool in the Sidebar, the Property Bar which is context sensitive, offers you preferences specific to your selection. Labels have been added for new users and tools have been grouped together more logically.

This also enabled some functionality that until now resided elsewhere. This clean and responsive environment makes Painter easier to understand for newcomers, while seasoned users will benefit from a more efficient painting experience. Corel Painter Previously, the program had a reputation for running slowly on older machines. This is certainly not the case with the new version. Corel is to be congratulated for eliminating many speed bumps while retaining the feeling of painting traditionally.

For example, one of the problems with the old version was the noticeable lag that occurred when using the brushes, but now the brush engine works as smoothly as silk. There are still some little quirks — sometimes it slows up on multi-touch operations, and there are a few bugs that need to be addressed — but overall the program has come on a long way since version

Buy Corel Painter 2019

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