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The Aesthetics of the Shell SPI software supports Ronge Profil in the construction of sheet metal free-form surfaces in facade construction. Ronge Profil GmbH Elaborate custom-made sheet metal facades adorn modern business and public buildings.

In turn, the outer shells of private residential houses use more simple, standard designs of facade builders. In principle, any surface can be clad with a facade. The main advantages are heat and cold protection, noise and fire protection, durability, and — increasingly — a modern look: Ronge Profil from Alfeld, near Hanover, Germany shows how modern facade builders achieve these standards.

For public buildings, aesthetics play an increasingly important role: Not only does it protect, it is an architectural design element and representative image. This makes it the business card of a building. Especially in the case of new buildings which will serve large audiences, such as sports arenas, railway stations or airport terminals, architects are placing ever higher demands on the outside appearance. Irrespective of this trend, Ronge Profil has been one of the leading manufacturers of metal facades and facade systems in the German-speaking countries for more than 40 years.

The results speak for themselves. With the help of state-of-the-art machines, Ronge can process flashings up to six metres in length. Recently, the company has also retrofitted in 3D software. It became clear that we needed new CAD software to unfold such freeform sheet metal components. The clock was ticking. To get the job, we needed to manufacture 12 sheet metal sample pieces. But, at the time, we had little experience with such requirements.

Ronge was awarded the contract and purchased the software soon thereafter. In the following projects, the demands for unfolding freeform surfaces increased. Even Solidworks reached its limits. The SPI software independently creates the edge radii based on information from its material database. We can unfold almost all components and even our freeform surfaces. This was simply not possible with the solutions we used before. Therefore, the use of this solution has become indispensable for us.

The move is planned for the end of In addition, Ronge Profil is investing in the expansion of its machinery. The Conclusion What was the challenge? What have you gained?

In a nutshell: It was crucial for us that SPI works on the basis of Solidworks. What would you like others to know? Contact us! Search for:

Buy SPI SheetMetalWorks 2018


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