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Without drafting, it would have been demanding for a man to evolve and keep a record of the boundless riches of engineering knowledge that has been assembled till date. A drawing can be defined as a visual or a pictorial rendition of a real object and graphics can be termed as a demonstration of ideas by line or by etching. So drafting can be considered to be a visual language that makes use of pictures drawn by lines to convey views and ideas.

A smooth interchange of information between the computer and the designer leads to a good and efficient CAD system. CAD allows you to fulfill design and drafting activities using a computer. It can be used to create rough idea diagrams, provides accuracy, productivity for repetitive operations. It can be used to provide manufacturing equipment such as mills, lathes, laser cutters, or 3D printers with analytical data to engineer a product.

It delivers you with large capabilities in the CAD domain. As it is the most widely used CAD software program, it gives you a great likelihood of being able to share CAD files and associated data and information with your clients, vendors, and colleagues.

It was first released in It provides tools for the collective development of a product such as a car or a bicycle. By using these tools, it enables you to interact with others on the design team on the same design.

The data and work can be shared concurrently on the same design by the design team. CATIA permits you to do this by saving all files on a common database so that people with the right permissions may edit and access any part in the product.

As a solid modeling tool, it not only connects the 3D parametric features with 2D tools but also addresses every design through a manufacturing process. In CATIA, creating a drawing is a difficult task as it is an advanced design software with engineering capability.

CATIA can perform simulation on any product. It is not possible in AutoCAD. It supports file formats like. DWG and. AutoCAD is the most preferred and is the optimum choice for 2D drafting. Its 3D modeling is considered primitive compared to CATIA, which is a solid and efficient tool for 3D modeling and most favored one for surface modeling.

Catia Price Comparison


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