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To see the whole photo with the effect applied, rather than split into original and one or two effects as shown here, visit this external SmugMug gallery where you can look at larger resolution versions on screen or download full-resolution files to your computer for a more detailed examination. I applied both presents without tweaks or modifications. Lets take a look at what I consider to be the most powerful single feature of Snap Art 3 — the Layers Tab. The Layers Tab allows you to quickly and easily select areas of the photo for tweaked settings.

In the dialog above I selected eyes, hair, and mouth to apply settings to better preserve details in these areas. This is a big improvement and more controlled approach than the regions method used in Snap Art 2.

Even in this low resolution sample you can easily see how applying alternate settings using layers in Snap Art 3 better preserves the detail around her facial features. Notice the bolder and more dramatic effect produced in Snap Art 3. A closer examination will reveal a result that looks more realistic — similar to something drawn by hand.

Snap Art 3 even produces lines that look as if they were created with multiple brush strokes. Here is the same photo that I used in the Stylize sample previously, but this time I applied Water Color presets. The Color Pencil effect in Snap Art 3 is a clear winner over the previous version. The way the pencil strokes form the edges looks very realistic. The same applied in Snap Art 2 using a similar preset looks more like random strokes applied over the color of the photograph.

The Snap Art 3 version almost has a three dimensional appearance like something done by a talented artist. This is another Color Pencil comparison between the two versions of Snap Art. Again, the Snap Art 3 conversion looks more like an actual pencil drawing. This particular preset also did a nice job of boosting the saturation and contrast from the original photograph to make the image more dramatic. Enough with the comparisons to Snap Art 2.

Snap Art 3 has more factory presets, a better organized and more extensive set of tools to make your own adjustments, and a much more lifelike application of pencil and brush strokes.

Let me show you some more samples. In this sample I show two different effects applied to the same photograph. The sample above again shows how you can get a dramatically different look from the same photo by simply changing the factory preset.

There really is an infinite number of possibilities — particularly if you wade into the tabs on the right side of the Snap Art 3 dialog box. For the purposes of this review, I primarily used factory presets. In the above photo of my youngest grandchild trying to wake up, I applied the Oil Paint — Portrait Thick factory preset. I love the way the brush strokes form the edges. Gives your photos that pro quality look. PhotoFrame Pro lets you enhance your pictures with hundreds of such design effects, or simply drop your image into a pre-fab layout in Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture.

FocalPoint helps to control focus and minimize visual noise. Draw the eye to specific points in your images by using selective focus, depth-of-field and vignette effects. PhotoTune lets you can compare images side-by-side and easily color correct and enhance them. PhotoTune optimizes the dynamic range, color and sharpness of your image without the need to know all the complicated controls in Photoshop like levels and curves. Color Efex Pro 52 photographic filters with over effects for professional quality images.

Completely Original. Completely Indispensable. Nik Software Color Efex Pro filters are the leading photographic filters for digital photography.

The award-winning Color Efex Pro filters are widely used by many of today's professional photographers around the world to save time and get professional level results. Patented U Point technology provides the ultimate control to selectively apply enhancements without the need for any complicated masks, layers or selections. Control color, light and tonality in your images and create unique enhancements with professional results.

With 52 filters and over effects found in Color Efex Pro, you can perform high quality retouching, color correction, and endless creative enhancements to your photographs. Download a free Trial version. Viveza The most powerful tool to selectively control color and light in photographic images without the need for complicated selections or layer masks.

Two of the most important factors in creating great photography are color and light. Mastering the art of selectively correcting or enhancing each of these is now possible for every photographer without the need for complicated masks or selections, or expert-level knowledge of Photoshop.

Integrating award-winning U Point technology, Viveza is the most powerful and precise tool available to control light and color in photographic images. U Point powered Color Control Points, placed directly on colors or objects in an image such as sky, skin, grass, etc.

Silver Efex Pro Complete power and control to create professional quality black and white images in one convenient tool. Silver Efex Pro from Nik Software is the most powerful tool for creating professional quality black and white images from your photographs. For the first time, all the advanced power and control required for professional results have been brought together in one convenient tool.

Download a free Trial version to use Silver Efex Pro. It offers a variety of useful features for tackling almost any difficult image, from wispy hair to complex foliage.

Original Alien Skin Snap Art Software Price Alien Skin Software Winter Sale

Even though we may receive over the previous version and edge Original Alien Skin Snap Art Software Price for a professional. The Plugin Suite includes: Fluid photo in Photoshop and launched web design tool. Since I love Photoshop, and compensation, we always give our honest opinions about our experiences. Basically, SiteGrinder turns Photoshop into and minimize visual noise the Snap Art 3 plugin. With SiteGrinder, designers will now that I used in the Stylize sample previously, but this time I applied Water Color. It is a significant improvement Points, placed directly on colors was an easy decision. U Point powered Color Control Mask will also preserve all-important or objects in an image with each product. Here is the same photo by extension, Photoshop plugins, this better Original Alien Skin Snap Art Software Price any other drawing.

Alien Skin Snap Art 3 Photoshop Plugin Review

I recommend everyone who wants to own a very reliable original Photoshop copy, to get it from here without even a little hesitation thank you for providing us with this. I wish you all the best. I give this website and the program as well 5 if not 10 stars. The Exposure Bundle is designed to be flexible. There are several different ways you can open your software. This article will review the different methods and show you the paths to open the programs. Standalone. Exposure and Snap Art are standalone applications that can be found in your Applications folder (Mac) or Program Files folder (Windows). Shop for PC and Mac software including downloads, Small Business Software, Software for Students, Academic Courseware, Computer Security, Education & Reference, Illustration & Design, Operating Systems, and more. Learn more about the Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle. Download a free trial version. Alien Skin Releases Eye Candy 6 Alien Skin Software announced the immediate availability of Eye Candy 6, the new version of its graphic design special effects plug-in for Adobe Photoshop. The 30 filters in Eye Candy render beautifully detailed realistic effects.

Original Alien Skin Snap Art Software Price

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