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Feb 1, Cakewalk is one of the great success stories in the music-software business. With so much talk about Steinberg Cubase and Apple Logic these days, it's easy to forget that this Boston-based company released some of the most successful PC-based sequencers ever, supplying music software to more than a million customers for Price of Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition Software two decades. In fact, my very first PC-based sequencer was a Cakewalk product: Cakewalk 4. Of course, an ancient DOS sequencer doesn't seem all that impressive when you stack it against today's studio-in-a-box behemoths, but the point is that Cakewalk has been around the block, and the company knows a thing or two about making music with computers — a reputation it has cemented with its latest flagship sequencer, Sonar 4. This new version includes a host of new features that make a great sequencer even better, offering work-flow improvements like enhanced key bindings and meter ballistics as Price of Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition Software as major technology updates like track folders and the innovative SurroundBridge effects linker. Hard-copy manuals are a rare beast in these days of Price of Cakewalk Sonar Producer Edition Software files and online help systems, and one look at Sonar's manual explains why the box is so heavy: It's a massive page tome that covers operating Sonar in great detail, and it does so in such a clear and concise fashion that it's a wonder Cakewalk doesn't charge extra for it. The Sonar manual offers remarkable depth while remaining easy to understand and simple to navigate. If you're not the sort who's prone to crack open a three-pound book when you run into trouble, that's okay because Sonar includes an online help file that's a word-for-word replica of the printed material with some extra content not included in the book. The help file is broken down into the same chapters and sections and includes a comprehensive index and search utility that will put the answers to your toughest questions at your fingertips. The setup is quite straightforward and doesn't require any special dongles or online registration. If you have any VST plug-ins on your system, the installer will ask if you want to configure them for use in Sonar, but beyond that, the installation is a hands-off affair.


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