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The content we spent a year creating became corrupt and unmanageable. This confirmed that content unmanaged can quickly turn into a poor investment. Unmanaged content is a ticking time bomb and sooner or later it will go off.

For example, the piping manufacturer Charlotte recently had a new update to its PDF cut sheets. The old cut sheet has Part No. Now this was just one of the fittings on the PDF cut sheet update. Content falls under both speed and accuracy. Managed content has been made more accessible and affordable, thanks to the cloud.

Change is the biggest factor of people adopting new methods of a content solution. The other is trying to prove self-worth as a BIM manager. The focus should be on creating a clash-free model. MEP manufacturers have content, but not many. One of the funniest I ran across was a guy saying that 'this issue has shaken my love for Revit to the core': It fucks you directly in the ass.

If I had time to waste, I could probably find where this guy had berated other people who were forced into Reviting and were running into fucked up problem after fucked up problem for not sharing his 'love'.

I've read countless instances of people leaning on Revit - putting all of their trust into it to do right by them, only to have it fail miserably. It's a fucking lie - propagated by people operating off of what is called the 'sunk cost fallacy'.

Basically, if you are a firm, you've spent literal shit-tons of money to buy Revit licenses, upgrade computers, servers, networks, etc. There's a point you reach where you won't or can't admit that it's fucked - because rather than the blame falling squarely on the shoulders of the ones churning out the garbage software, it's been you - pushing yourself and others off the cliff, swearing the whole time that 'it gets better'.

In addition to the node based interface Dynamo can be scripted with the Design Script language and Python. Modeling[ edit ] The Revit work environment allows users to manipulate whole buildings or assemblies in the project environment or individual 3D shapes in the family editor environment. Modeling tools can be used with pre-made solid objects or imported geometric models. However, Revit is not a NURBS modeller and also lacks the ability to manipulate an object's individual polygons except on some specific object types such as roofs, slabs and terrain or in the massing environment.

Revit includes categories of objects 'families' in Revit terminology. These fall into three groups: Revit families can be created as parametric models with dimensions and properties. This lets users modify a given component by changing predefined parameters such as height, width or number in the case of an array.

In this way a family defines a geometry that is controlled by parameters, each combination of parameters can be saved as a type, and each occurrence instance in Revit of a type can also contain further variations.

For example, a swing door may be a Family. It may have types that describe different sizes, and the actual building model has instances of those types placed in walls where instance-based parameters could specify the door hardware uniquely for each occurrence of the door.

Due to the copyright nature of project work, it is rare and impractical to be able to buy fully 3D modelled Revit project models. Indeed as most projects are site specific and bespoke, obtaining an existing model is in many instances unsuitable.

However, there are circumstances where new practices or students that are training to learn Revit, do have a need to refer to completed models.


REVIT MEP 2015 - installation and activation 2017

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