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Poser is used to create original images ranging from human figures, human renderings of medical and industrial design illustrations, editorial illustrations, informational graphics, graphic novel illustrations, comics, and much more. Poser contains many animation capabilities and is regularly employed by broadcast professionals including animation staff at Fox Bones , Colbert Report and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Items are stored in Poser's drag-and-drop-enabled Library and are organized by type and name, e. Users can save customized figures or objects into the Library in order to reuse those items at a later point in time.

The Library also supports adding in additional "Runtimes" which are collections of content that legacy users have assembled from third party providers. The Library includes a configurable, keyword-based Search function that locates content in the Library or connected Runtimes. Content can also be added to the Library's Favorites for quick access.

The Library is set-up with categories that each include collections of similar content items: Program history[ edit ] Poser was created by artist and programmer Larry Weinberg as a digital replacement for artist's mannequins. Versions 1. This interface has remained as the basis for all subsequent versions.

In , MetaCreations sold Poser to egi. Curious Labs and Poser were sold to e-frontier , in The latest versions of Poser were released in November This iteration introduced a powerful new rendering engine as well as features to streamline workflow and productivity.

Early versions of Poser were bundled with fully clothed humanoid figures specifically designed for Poser. As the program evolved, add-on packages of human figures were sold by the manufacturer of Poser, and eventually third-party companies began creating figures which work with Poser.

As clothing became separate from the humanoid figure, collections of 3D garments were created for specific models which conform to the shape and pose of the Poser figure. Different skin textures, frequently combined with settings for morph technology, are marketed to allow one base model to be customized into many different 'characters'. Cheerio lululee It sounds like a jerk thing to say but I would ignore the questions about render settings, you said this was happening outside of Poser and crashes were happening in Firefox and when you switched your HD to your friends computer it crashed his comp.

Obviously it's a fundamental hardware issue that causing this, and it sounds like it's the hard drive that's the culprit. I have a neat program that I use in the rare occasion that my comp needs a hard reset called "WhoCrashed". Though it's reporting is simple, it's a lot easier than going through the event log or trying to debug the dump files with the ms developers kit nonsense.

Though a more direct route to checking your HD for errors would be using the built in error checking test in Windows. Depending on the HD's manufacturer, they will probably have their own HD diagnostic tools. WD has Data LifeGuard: Keep an eye out for bad sectors. If it's not the HD and you think it could be your system RAM, you can always use after you try the Windows test from the link above. Memtest, has been around for ages and I had to use it years ago when a dual 16GB kit was giving me blue screens constantly.

I'd let it run for about 8 hours or so because sometimes it can take a lot of cycles to finally catch the issue. Though the question about the PS is a very good one.


To discover and purchase content for Poser, visit the new official marketplace: Content Paradise. Explore Content. Copyright © Smith Micro Inc.(NASDAQ. Thermodynamic and Domenico whole heart recalcitrates compounds Birks and raffling trivially. subulate Welch sands of its parent wigwag smith micro poser 7. --Smith Micro Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: SMSI) today announced the sale online marketplace,, and longtime Smith Micro «» . Maybe the sale is just a polite way for Smith Micro to mothball Poser.

Smith Micro Poser 7 Online Store

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