Tekla Structures Program for Sale

Read a Reference case from a mutual customer With Giza software Tekla Structures users can import structural steel connection information directly. Once a steel connection is in the GIZA software, it can be easily designed. Every part of the connection is clearly labeled with all values shown. All calculated limit states are clearly shown and recommended design changes will be displayed. The GIZA software will recalculate all limit states after every design change. Structural steel connections can be saved to a file or imported directly back to the original Tekla Structures model. When imported into Tekla, the connection will be remodeled in real time. Calculation reports can be generated for any connection. These detailed reports can be signed and sealed by any professional engineer. Tekla Partner Spotlight: For steel structures IDEA StatiCa offer a novel way to quickly design and check to various national design codes all steel connections from a Tekla project. Watch our free webinar to learn more Combine Tekla Structures and IDEA StatiCa Qnect provides software and digital engineering to optimize structural steel connection and production throughput for better steel project efficiency. Partner Spotlight:

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