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Class ACT So what of the more high-profile new features mentioned earlier? In essence, this provides automatic mapping of the controls of any connected hardware controller or MIDI keyboard controller, so that it can be used to drive whatever element of the application is currently selected, whether that's a channel in the mixer, an effect or an instrument plug-in. This is linked to a neat pair of further new additions: The Transport strip has been redesigned into six modular panels. I'm sure the ACT idea is something other sequencer manufacturers will be taking close note of. Producer Privileges As with earlier versions of Sonar, version 6 of the Producer Edition contains a number of features not present in the more affordable Studio Edition. Fortunately, Cakewalk provide a clear summary of the differences between the two products on their web site www. Sonar 's new Audio Snap feature provides a range of options over and above those of the Acid-like Groove Clips that can be tempo-matched to the project or pitch-shifted. Audio Snap is, however, not unlike another element of Acid Pro 's feature set — the Groove Tool — in that one of its functions is to provide audio quantising, and it has the ability to apply a groove taken from one audio Clip to other audio or MIDI Clips. As with the Acid Pro equivalent, Audio Snap works non-destructively on Clips, so that any quantising can be fine-tuned or removed altogether as required. Audio Snap is not just about audio quantising, however — it can also be used to grab individual beats and move them manually, extract the tempo from a Clip and apply this to the project tempo, allow Clips to follow tempo changes within a project, or automatically split a Clip into a series of smaller Clips based on each individual beat. Audio Snap operates at the Clip level and it must be enabled on a per-Clip basis. This can be done from the floating menu that appears when you right-click on a selected Clip, and enabling Audio Snap for a Clip opens the Audio Snap Palette. While this dialogue doesn't look too busy, there are actually a large number of possibilities here. In order to do its magic, Audio Snap first has to identify the audio transients within the Clip, and the majority of the controls along the top of the Audio Snap Palette deal with this process, including the Sensitivity and Threshold sliders, which can be used to generate greater or fewer numbers of transient markers as required. The lower left of the Palette shows the four key tasks Audio Snap can be used for. The Align Time Ruler task provides tools for extracting tempo information from your selected Clip and applying it to your project — the most obvious example might be for extracting the tempo from a drum loop. The 'Find A Steady Rhythm' option is useful in this context, as it helps average out any subtle timing variations within the Clip. The Quantise task provides two options.

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