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If you decide on going just for the standard resolution, then those pictures will look fuzzy on devices such as iPhone 5 or 5s, iPad Air, or MacBook Pro with retina display.

In order to get around this problem the common solution is to have two versions for a given image: Then with a little bit of JavaScript you can serve the right image. You just have to enable an option and use 2X images. For the rest of this post I will explain the two workflows around this feature: Creating a new website When you create a new website and you want to enable high density images you have to choose HiDPI 2x option for the Resolution setting.

See the image below. This is it pretty much. For example, if you need a pixels by 50 pixels for your design, make sure you actually create one that is pixels by pixels. As I already said this is it — Muse will take care of the rest and serve the right resolution depending on the screen density of the viewer. I will explain what happens under the hood in the last section. This is a two-step process.

Here you should see the Resolution option bottom-right ; choose HiDPI 2x option and confirm the selection. Second step is to replace the images with ones that 2x. Finally, you have to publish your project and update the site on your server. What happens under the hood So how does it work?

This smaller image is used by default. However, there is a drawback: Unfortunately there is not any easier workaround for this download problem, at least until W3C decides on a better CSS property for images that will allow to specify multiple resolutions for the same IMG tag.

This is just one of the new features available in Adobe Muse CC. Make sure you check the others and take a look at Muse site of the day to see what designers are creating with this tool. Bookmark the permalink. Leave a Reply.


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