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NET Framework 4. This feature has been deprecated with SafeGuard 8. Sophos does not recommend new installations of this feature, it will be completely removed in SafeGuard version 8.

PC is running bit Windows. Windows installed in GPT mode. Sophos delivers a default file embedded in the setup, but it is recommended to download the newest file from the Sophos FTP server and apply it with the installation of the Client. UEFI has version 2. New policy option to prevent users from decrypting files using the context menu New policy option to prevent users from creating password encrypted files Management Center Inventory now also shows when a user has suspended BitLocker Pre-provisioned BitLocker clients are automatically unsuspended The filter driver version is now displayed in the client inventory of the Management Center New optimization options for the file encryption driver Improved client inventory in the Management Center Device Encryption Module with POA is no longer part of the Windows Client Windows 7 is not supported by the SafeGuard 8.

Windows 7 clients, running SafeGuard 8. The required SafeGuard 8. Clients which have been registered as members of a domain, will not be updated properly in the SafeGuard Management Center, if they are moved to a Windows Workgroup.

Starting a new remote desktop session to a computer where a Management Center or Server upgrade is in progress will cause the upgrade to fail. The new remote desktop session will execute RunOnce registry entries to delete the Local Cache and the SafeGuard registry entries. User auto-registration of SafeGuard 6. Instead of moving the auto-registered user to the correct organizational unit, the Active Directory synchronization instead will generate a duplicate user object.

This issue can be solved by importing new users into the Management Center before they do their first logon on the Client.

If a duplicate user object already exists, the one imported from Active Directory should be deleted. If there is an automatic backup scheduled, this needs to be adapted again afterwards.

Do not cancel or interrupt the upgrade process. Overlay icons indicating a file's encryption status are missing as well as the menu option introduced by SafeGuard DX in a file's context menu. User elevation for encrypted executable.

If an encrypted executable or installation package is started and requires a user elevation, it may happen that the elevation doesn't take place and the executable is not started. Access to key ring after closing a remote session RDP. A user's key ring is no longer accessible after an established remote session has been closed.

The client machine has to be rebooted in order to restore full access to the user's key ring. Just logging off and on is not sufficient to regain access to the key ring. When sending more than one encrypted file for example, textfile. The Texfile. Under certain circumstances the Outlook Add-In might take to long to load and automatically gets disabled by Outlook. This happens, because the application that performs the upload Dropbox.

Because of the variety of existing browsers and their plugins this might cause compatibility issues. If a ZIP archive included in an encrypted Office Document, is moved out of the document it will contain plain files, regardless of encryption policy. When the ZIP file later on is drag and dropped out from Word into a directory, Win Explorer not authenticated application takes over and the file will be created unencrypted. Encrypt the file manually context menu of the file.

Sophos recommends the use of SSD drives for best possible performance. SafeGuard file encryption modules are not compatible with MarkAny's file filter driver cbfltfs. Using both products together can result in BSODs or a not starting operating system.

UAC virtualization is not supported, which can result in compatibility issues with 3rd party software applies to all file encryption modules. General Fast user switching is not supported and must be disabled. SafeGuard 6. Please ignore the warning, that SGPortable. After download SGPortable. Downloading this DLL from the internet will finally resolve the problem.

SafeGuard Enterprise is not fully compatible to using Windows accounts with an empty password. If a computer is member of a workgroup i. Moreover, if a wrong password is entered for a different user, this can result in the user with the empty password being logged on instead of the selected user. Use the SafeGuard Token tile for logon with Token. DPSGN File Tracking events are note reported when writing files on optical media fails, if the medium is burned in mastered mode.

Synchronization of keyring is possible with Sophos Mobile Control 8. Restrictions may apply as there is no intercommunication between the logon components of both products. AbsoluteSoftware Computrace.

Compatibility to imaging tools has not been tested and is therefore not supported by Sophos. Windows Defender: NET smartcard middleware. In this case, the desktop will not be locked automatically. This does not apply to pulling the smartcard from the reader, which works as expected. The SafeGuard Client does not support the Windows 8. Only the Bitlocker Logon modes listed in the authentication policy in the Management Center are supported. The dialog has to be used with a physical keyboard.

This is because the unlock is executed before Windows starts and at this phase no DX filter driver for decryption of the key exists. The encryption of files in a Box cloud storage folder is no longer possible due to changes in the Box client. The local file cache location must be excluded from file encryption to avoid data corruption. Required settings are automatically applied during the installation of the client. Otherwise they might be overruled by SafeGuard policies or even lead to conflicts with the SafeGuard BitLocker management.

For example: The on screen keyboard cannot be used to enter the PIN. It is recommended to use a TPM only policy for such devices. Enabling the group policy setting or changing the authentication policy resolves this issue. Virtualization platform support. VirtualBox is incompatible with SafeGuard 8.

Takeover of BitLocker data drives in standalone mode When the SafeGuard Client is run in standalone mode, then already encrypted BitLocker data drives are taken over in the moment when the client config package is applied.

In order that this can succeed, all data drives must be unlocked before the client config package is applied. Locked data drives are ignored which means that their recovery password won't be written to the key backup file. Rotation of the recovery password.

The recovery password is changed automatically for managed clients once a recovery is executed. For standalone clients the recovery password remains unchanged after a recovery, but it can be changed manually be uninstalling the client config package and installing it again. Windows 8. For system services like the SafeGuard Authentication service the fast startup is technically seen identical with hibernation. One example is the registration of new users as SafeGuard user during first Windows logon after machine boot process.

According to the recommendation of Intel, also Sophos recommends, to disable Intel Rapid Start Technology when using software-based encryption.

This issue is limited to standalone client configurations. Trusted application configuration breaks when update changes application path. In these cases, SGN's policy configuration for trusted applications needs to be updated as well.

The configuration for SafeGuard trusted applications needs to be changed to point to the new path where the executable is found.

FIPS mode not supported on Windows 8 clients. Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing. Recovery of such clients, using the SafeGuard Management Center, is not possible. User workflow is affected when uploading encrypted files using a browser Encrypted documents that are uploaded using a browser end-up encrypted on the server.

This may break some functionality users are used to for example, document preview, server-side document indexing, in-browser editing etc. MS Office offers direct storing of files in the cloud OneDrive. This avoids an unencrypted upload of files to the cloud.

DPSGN Windows Search cannot look into encrypted files and is therefore not able to index content of encrypted files. The SafeGuard file encryption related modules do not support roaming profiles or folder re-directions.

When copying files from a local location to either a Network Share or a Removable Media, the Explorer's calculation of speed and time remaining might not be working correctly anymore.

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May 13, - You can enjoy Windows 10 on your Apple Mac with the help of Boot Camp Assistant. Once installed, it allows you to easily switch between. May 26, - If you are interested in just trying Windows 10 on your Mac, you can download the Windows 10 Enterprise day trial here. Otherwise, you can. Aug 12, - With Boot Camp, you can install Microsoft Windows 10 on your Mac, then switch between macOS and Windows when restarting your Mac.

Windows 10 Enterprise mac


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